We do miss not one thing, we are always ready for you, even for the darkest of th days … what are we talking about? By HALLOWEEN !
Take advantage of these days to visit us at Massini.

You will find terrible surprises, dark rooms, spiderwebs and zombie-staff.
No, do not worry, we are joking, of course! We are happy to recommend to you places to visit and where to have fun with friends.

On your return we guarantee you a sweet overnight stay in our apartments.

From the “Tenuta i Massini” which is very near to the station of Empoli, you can easily reach several cities in Tuscany that offer Halloween parties.

In Tuscany and in Italy the most awaited event for the night of witches is “Halloween Celebration”: now in its twenty-fourth edition, starting from October 27th with “La Notte Nera” and then on October 28th with the “International Festival of Non-Life” and the “Zombiadi” (the games of the living dead) and that will last until October 31st 2018. For four days, the ancient village of Borgo a Mozzano (Lucca) will be animated by interactive games, fancy dress parties, night concerts, theatrical performances, the fantastic fireworks show at the Devil’s Bridge (Ponte del Diavolo) and numerous other events of “terror”.

In Florence there will be “Firenze Halloween Run”, a “fun run” for everyone.

Lastra a Signa (Florence) proposes “Villa Stregata”, the Halloween party organized by “Travelers of Time” (Viaggiatori del tempo).

The medieval village of Lorenzana (Pisa) is transformed into “Alleys of Terror” (Vicoli del Terrore), an obscure and scary village: can walk yalong the alleys, the squares and visit the numerous cellars.

Never forget to look back … vampires are very fast!

Book your nights immediately by calling: 0571589631 or come and visit us at this address: Via d’Ormicello n 53 Empoli Casenuove (Fi). From – Monday to Sunday – with time: (9: 00-13: 00/14: 00-18: 00)


i Massini e la tecnologia

TP Solutions

I Massini in partnership with TP Solutions have installed high speed Wi-fi throughout the hotel structure. Our guests will therefore always be connected.

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