VINCI, THE CITY OF A GENIUS. Just 30 minutes from the Massini !

VINCI, THE CITY OF A GENIUS. Just 30 minutes from the Massini !
Vinci, a city of genius

A few historical references

Vinci is characterized by the famous castle. The construction of the castle dates back to the High Middle Ages and it is known in the popular tradition as “Ship’s Castle”. In fact, it has an elongated shape, and its tower reminds to the shape of a sailboat. Near the year 1000 the village became a possession of the Guidi Counts, who dominated the area until 12 August 1254, when Vinci was subjected to Florence and transformed into a municipality.

Vinci was the object of fighting by the enemies of Florence. The village lived directly the turbulent events that tormented the political life of the capital.

Under the walls of the castle there were the soldiers headed by Uguccione della Faggiuola (1315), Castruccio Castracani (1320-26), Jona Hakwood, called the Acuto (1364), head of the English fortune companies dependent on Pisa. After many vicissitudes and changes to the original structure, the Castle returned to Vinci in 1919.

Leonardo da Vinci
Leonardo was born in Anchiano, on April 15, 1452, and spent here his childhood.

casa di Leonardo da Vinci

His birthplace in Anchiano is located among the secular olive trees of Montalbano, in a landscape almost unchanged over time. It is the symbol of Leonardo’s connection with his city.

You can visit the house in which he was born, where the audio-visual narration “A genius tells about himslef” uses modern three-dimensional technology. A life-size hologram gives voice to a Leonardo who turns his gaze to the past to narrate his acquaintances, his studies, the events that linked him to Vinci.

In the farmhouse next to the birthplace, you can find the section dedicated to the Cenacolo, where a high definition digital reproduction of the Last Supper is exposed.

Leonardo Museum

In the Leonardo Museum it is possible to see in how many sectors Leonardo has worked.

There are exhibited models and studies on war machines, construction machinery, textile machines, mechanical clocks, architecture and civil engineering, mechanisms and tools, flying machines, bicycle and self-propelled wagon, water studies, optics and perspective, geometric solids.

Vinci can be reached from the Massini in just 30 minutes. There’s no better destination to alternate with the relaxation of the pool and the park of the Massini! A trip that will enrich you and make you understand the importance of the great Leonardo!

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